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"You’d be missing out not to work with them!"

I bought my first home (condo) with Anna and Dennis in 2016 just before my husband and I got married and needed a place to live in SF! The experience with Anna and Dennis as my buying agents was so fantastic that when it came time to sell the property, there was no question that we wanted Anna and Dennis to represent us. It was a no-brainer and easily one of the best decisions we ever made. BUYING EXPERIENCE: Anna spent every weekend with us, driving us around to different areas of town to look at properties and familiarize us with SF. I was amazed at how much Anna and Dennis cared to find us, not just "a" property, but the RIGHT property for us. They weren't interested in just making a sale, like so many agents, they really cared about our needs and boxes we needed to check. In fact, the added bonus of them having experience developing homes, proved invaluable. They were wise on foundation and structural issues, what areas were considered earthquake zones, what properties were finished well, which ones were not, etc. They wouldn't let us buy a home that would have been a mistake, even if it would have been a big sale for them. I felt I was in such good hands and I could really trust them. After looking around, Anna and Dennis found us a home that was simply perfect, and the closing process was a breeze. Anna and Dennis made an exceptional team. Anna gave us a lot of her personal time and is such a caring person. Dennis is stellar at the numbers. They both are really sharp and have great intuition. Together, they make the perfect team. SELLING EXPERIENCE: In, 2019, Anna and Dennis got us an all-cash offer for well over our goal price and we closed within 15 days. need I say more? Selling can be an emotional process and Anna and Dennis made it as smooth as humanly possible. SUMMARY: I've heard horror stories about the buying and selling of real estate process and I have to say, I can't relate. If you have the right agents, it can be an awesome experience. As long-term SF residents, Anna and Dennis know the city and the market very well. Their natural instincts were always spot-on. Their negotiating, communication and "reading people" skills were on point. We tended to agree on most things and were also able to have great and productive dialogue to discuss points of difference. You'd be missing out not to work with them!

- Carrie S.

"Anna and Dennis are a dynamic duo, and their experience, savviness and network is evident from the get-go."

If you're looking for an outstanding team of real estate agents to help you navigate the San Francisco market, look no further. Anna and Dennis are a dynamic duo, and their experience, savviness and network is evident from the get-go. These two will help you find the property that is right for you and fight hard to help you get it. They understand that buying and selling a home is both an emotional and financial decision. As such, they make sure to listen to your needs, while working hard to educate you on value and risk. If you're looking for a team who will dedicate the time needed to find you the perfect home and make you feel secure in your decision, you've found them!

- Raffi N.

"They’re both great on follow through, knowledge of the market, negotiation skills and they’re well connected"

Anna and Dennis are great people. They worked with me to buy my condo here in SF after moving here from Seattle. They're both great on follow through, knowledge of the market, negotiation skills and they're well connected if you need a mortgage broker or people to help you in moving or anything else you might need when buying a home. I could not have been happier and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

- Robert H.

"She is truly passionate and dedicated about her work and the outcome of her work shows."

Anna is trustworthy, friendly, professional and a go-getter real estate agent who is always looking out for YOUR best interest. We felt so comfortable working with Anna (my sister referred my husband and I to her and her partner, Dennis) as she is brutally honest about properties and how/whether they will hold their value. She is truly passionate and dedicated about her work and the outcome of her work shows. Everyone wins in the end! I highly recommend working with Anna and Dennis-- you really can't go wrong! She's great with kids too

- Sach W.

"Arevik is outstanding at her job"

Arevik is outstanding at her job. We just sold my condo last week (and she was my agent when we bought it 12 years ago)! Arevik knew what we needed to do to show my home in the best possible way, and patiently took me through all the steps. She was available for every question I had, and if she didn't know the answer, would find it immediately. What was especially helpful was being able to use her contacts to take care of the necessary repairs. She really does stick with you during the whole process. Arevik is smart and trustworthy, and is truly dedicated to her clients. We got a fantastic price for my condo. I highly recommend her for your buying and selling needs.

- Julie

"They made us feel like we were their only clients"

Anna and Dennis are the absolute best. They taught us tons about the San Francisco real estate market (it was like a mini business school education!) and ultimately helped us find our first home, which we love! They made us feel like we were their only clients, always getting back to us quickly, taking time to answer our questions (sometimes even before we knew what to ask!), helping us make the best decisions for our budget, and going above and beyond to help us with every step of the process. Despite never having bought a home before, we never felt like we were floundering or clueless because we had Anna and Dennis on our team. These two know what they're doing, they're fantastic humans, and I recommend them with my whole heart and soul.

- Megan B.

"I could not recommend them more highly"

If there were six stars to give, I would. I recently bought my first building with Anna and Dennis, the experience could not have been better. I had very specific real estate goals in mind (investment property that I could fix up myself over time), and it took multiple years to find exactly what I was looking for. Anna and Dennis never flinched and were there by my side at every step of the way. Anna, a former teacher, explained the nuances of San Francisco real estate to me in a way that I could understand while Dennis helped me see the potential for development and growth in many buildings. Both of them helped me identify significant problems in a number of buildings, and steered me out of a few of properties when they identified issues. On one occasion, after I'd entered into contract, they identified significant problems with the building during our due diligence and helped me get out. I could not recommend them more highly, they taught me an enormous amount, always put my priorities first, were a pleasure to work with, and ultimately got me the exact property I was looking for.

- Connor S.

"Anna and Dennis work as a team and compliment each other really well"

I have purchased homes in the past and now that I have met Anna and Dennis, I will never consider another real estate agent in the San Francisco area again. In real estate, the rule is "location, location, location". However, I would add that without a good agent on your side, you will never get the location that truly fits you. Anna and Dennis work as a team and compliment each other really well. They both pay attention to your needs and bring you choices that fit and go a little beyond. On top of working very hard to find you the perfect house and always thinking what values they could bring to their clients, their strengths also include: 1). Able to think beyond what's shown - their knowledge in each of the SF district, engineering background, and understanding of construction cost, they can help you envision the potential of a property. 2). Strategic positioning - to get your dreamhome, it's not always about paying the highest price. There are a few places to negotiate and Anna knows exactly how to position your deal so that it is a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. 3). Wide network of great resources - they have a network of great resources who can help you move the deal along. These resources work with Anna and Dennis at a personal level so when something is urgent, they first give you all the attention. Best of luck in finding your home.

- Dragonfly L.

"Anna & Dennis’s partnership is a force to be reckoned with"

I cannot overstate how incredible Anna and her partner Dennis have been, in our (successful) quest for home ownership in SF. They have an amazing established network and reputation plus boundless skills, energy and knowledge. My husband and I have bought property elsewhere but this was our first foray into the complicated, overheated and often irrational property market in SF. Anna was our main guide throughout the house search and purchase and we truly couldn't have done it without her. When we got caught up in the never-ending spiral of crazy bids and 100% cash offers - not ours! - she helped us find a solution that worked for us. Anna is a tireless 'dealmaker' who did not rest until we had a home. Dennis seems to know every detail of what's going up and down in this town... "that Walgreen's lease expires in 2015 and so it will be replaced by a new building ...". Anna & Dennis's partnership is a force to be reckoned with and they taught us so much along the way. Anna was always available to meet, easy to reach and proactive. Anna went well beyond the call of duty by advising us on construction works, reviewing our house plans, recommending services that were outside of her scope etc. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anna and Dennis to anyone seeking a new home in San Francisco. We can't thank them enough!

- Marzena K.

"Within just a few months we had our dream home at a great price!"

I highly recommend realtor Anna Spathis. My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and had already exhausted one agent when we met with Anna. She answered our many questions patiently and comprehensively, and explained that home buying is more than just what you can afford. Anna was always available to check out listings with us, even at a moment's notice. Within just a few months we had our dream home at a great price! The house we settled on needed some work and Anna helped us determine what needed done immediately, and develop a plan for tackling what could wait. We have referred several of our friends to Anna; both buyers and sellers. Like us, they appreciated having a realtor that want the best for their clients and willing to work around the clock to take care of them.

- Leslie S.

"Arevik Makasdjian did an excellent job on researching the property values"

Arevik Makasdjian did an excellent job on researching the property values based on the recent sales in our neighborhood to come up with the best selling strategy for selling our apartment and it all worked in the best way. She also did an incredible job on negotiating the price and conditions with our buyer. We were truly impressed and greatful. Arevik Makasdjian did a wonderful job advertising the property weighing the community, to the agents in her office, recommending a great mortgage advisor we were extremely satisfied with and made the closing easy and breezy. With all that, Arevik also has a great attention to details, always being able to foresee the potential road bumps and preventing those with professionalism and class. Arevik Makasdjian was pleasure to work with throughout he whole selling-buying process. She always condated the process with professionalism, understanding and class.

- Tatiana

"You’ll be getting the best!"

We were referred to Anna and Dennis by a friend, and we are so happy we worked with them. At our first meeting, they gave us a good idea of what we could afford and where we should start looking, and they quickly had a few properties for us to tour early. After looking at several with them, we actually ended up going with the first house they showed us. They had it right from the start! Plus, they were super responsive to all our questions and explained everything clearly. With their tremendous help, we were able to buy our first home in the location we wanted at an affordable price. They walked us through the entire process and are just such sweet people (but skilled agents too!). We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area. You'll be getting the best!

- Wes S.

"There is no need to use any other realtor if you are looking in San Francisco."

Working with Anna and Denis turned out to be a dream come true. Their expertise mixed with tenacity for what they do resulted in our family buying our dream house. Anna and Dennis both listened and found us the perfect house and they negotiated an amazing price. The house we ended up with was the very first house they showed us, they really zeroed in on our criteria. They helped us remodel and create the house we wanted but could not afford. Anna was able to see the potential and guide us towards a huge real estate success story. Having both of them working in tandem was brilliant, they bring different skills and they each know what part of the process to focus on, their teamwork is efficient and pleasurable to work with. This team has keen knowledge of the market and expert interpersonal skills among many other attributes that keep them at the very top of their profession. There is no need to use any other realtor if you are looking in San Francisco.

- Chaney S.

"I would recommend Anna, without reservation, to anyone looking to buy or sell residential (including investment/rental) real estate in San Francisco."

I first met Anna at an open house that she was hosting in the Mission Dolores neighborhood. I was immediately impressed by her warmth, charm and market savvy. Two years later, I hired Anna and her partner Dennis to help me and my husband purchase our dream home in Noe Valley. Anna is smart, sophisticated and down-to-earth, in my opinion and experience a remarkable and rare combination of qualities to find in a real estate agent. We bought our place (a TIC interest in a 2-unit building) from a wack real estate agent who was married to the seller (a problematic scenario by any measure). Anna found a TIC partner for us (seriously, she advertised and found him herself), and with Dennis's support, she closed the deal under extremely stressful and challenging circumstances. I would recommend Anna, without reservation, to anyone looking to buy or sell residential (including investment/rental) real estate in San Francisco. She is awesome.

- Rob D.

"My husband, Don and I had an excellent experience working with Arevik."

My husband, Don and I had an excellent experience working with Arevik. She was on top of things throughout the process, provided regular communications and created a high level of transparency at all times. She was very much an advocate for us and acted on our behalf at all times, making the experience very seamless for us. I would recommend Arevik & Zephyr to others without reservation and would not hesitate to go to them as the experts in the San Francisco market. Great results all around!

- Aarthi, San Francisco

"After 20+ years of being a SF renter we bought a place in less than 3 months, thanks to Anna"

Number one: We bought something in 2013! We could not be happier because it is not an easy job to break into the SF market and that makes Anna your top choice. You will, with Anna's savvy, get the job done. This was very important to my husband and I because after literally years of lollygagging about, pretending to be buying something with very convincing sorts of behaviors, like signing contracts, applying for loans ... we never got anything. Finally, I called Anna, because I had met her 10+ years ago when she was just getting her RE legs and I was just getting interested in buying something. We crossed paths on the edge of the Big RE world then I lost contact as she shot off and basically, she shot to the top of her game. So of course by the time all these years passed working as if I was buying something, I was a bit intimated to call her for help thinking that with her impressive resume of sales she probably would not be interested in helping us with a modest first home purchase. That could not be farther from the truth. Anna took up the call to help us with gusto. She got to work and boy does she work hard from sun up to late at night. After 20+ years of being a SF renter we bought a place in less than 3 months, thanks to Anna, and her very warm and smart partner, Dennis. I will warn you, Anna is the real deal, a real person who is passionate about her work and passionately warm and funny! I hope to work with her again. I hope you enjoy her as much as we have.

- Bronwen

"The “Yin and Yang” of SF Real Estate"

Anna and Dennis are truly a dynamic duo. The "Yin and Yang" of real estate in SF, I say this because they are are so different and able to cover all aspects of your needs with their incredible skills and personalities. We were not the easiest clients as we searched long and hard for the perfect place but they never wavered and their patience is a testament to their professionalism. At the end of the day Anna and Dennis will get the job done and you be in good hands from beginning to end, I can't recommend them enough.

- Alexander G.

"I truly appreciated her attention to detail"

If you are looking for a realtor in the Bay Area, look no further. Arevik Makasdjian is the best. I truly appreciated her attention to detail, quick reply’s, and knowledge of California’s real estate market. She knows which buttons to push at the correct times to ensure you have the best opportunity for getting the deal you are looking for. Arevik was a real pleasure to work with in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness.

- Sabina Bakhtamova, San Leandro, CA