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“Just-cause” eviction bill and “Ellis Act” eviction related bill DEFEATED!

“Just-cause” eviction bill and “Ellis Act” eviction related bill DEFEATED!

California Apartment Association successfully killed a few “just-cause” eviction and “Ellis Act eviction” bills for this year.

1) This week, AB 1481, the bill that would have imposed just-cause eviction policies statewide, died on the Assembly floor. It didn’t have enough votes to advance to the Senate before this week’s deadline. The just-cause policies would have required landlords to list specific reasons to terminate a tenancy. Property owners would then be required to prove the cause in court, a costly, lengthy and sometimes impossible feat.

2) An eviction-related bill that, as originally written, would have expanded the notice requirements for removing tenants under the ELLIS ACT, also died on the Assembly Floor.

3) Additionally, this week, SB 529 died on the Senate floor. It too lacked enough votes to advance to the Assembly. SB 529 would have applied just cause eviction policies to members of tenant groups. This bill would have authorized tenant groups to orchestrate rent strikes without fear of eviction. SB 529 would have allowed tenant groups, after a majority vote, to withhold rent payments for up to 30 days in response to grievances or complaints against the landlord.

What are your thoughts or reactions to these eviction bills?

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